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About FilmVision

About Filmvision

With the aim of introducing Iranian cinema and art, FilmVision Company started working in Europe by screening of Iranian films and series at 2014. 

Mohammad Yousefi

Born on 27 April, 1980 in Tehran
Graduated in computer science from Aachen University
Short Film Producer and Director
Ten years of television production and directing in Cologne, Germany
The first Iranian cinema player in Europe
Currently managing television broadcasting in the city of Aachen-Germany
Director and owner of Film Vision

Special Thanks to Mr. Saman Moghadam 

For four years, we started the film in Europe with a thousand hope and strength, all our story began with the confidence and support of one person, which was a continuous and continuous gift of tranquility, Mr. Saman Moghadam thanks for the support and gratitude of all the confidence that you have, Thanks for letting us know

Special thanks to Mr. Ali Ghorbanzadeh

who supported us in this difficult way and helped us to cope with the problems and to continue to rest assuredly.

More About us …

For the first time in the history of Iran’s cinema, Vision film was the creator of the cultural and artistic cinema outside the country; this company by displaying Iranian films throughout Europe with the presence of an unprecedented audience in addition to cinema screening was able to host a series of home screenings such as Shahrzad before displaying inside the country.

The company is proud to present Iranian cinema on five continents to date and by invitation of the cinema’s elders, he invites the audience of art outside the country to the cinema halls to be the pioneer in introducing and presenting Iranian films and series. Our motto is: The cinema is life …